First Kiehl’s store in Wales

Last week I got to visit the new Kiehl’s store in Cardiff!

Charlotte and I set out early to try and avoid traffic and to give plenty of time to collect Holly. Things did not quite go as planned… Traffic, traffic and more traffic! Eventually we arrived and just on time. We were greeted at the door by our event organizer Katie and other staff members.


I had never seen a Kiehl’s store before, I had no idea what to expect. The store had a fantastic layout, and was amazingly decorated. With a glass store front it really helps attract people in that are walking past. One of the main decorative features which attracted many eyes was the Harley Davidson motorcycle which was inside.


When the event started we had a an introduction into how Kiehl’s was started and who the founder was. Mr Kiehl’s had a fondness of Harley Davidson motorcycles, and this one was a replica of one of the bikes he actually owns. Unfortunately it was not a working cycle and I could not take it for a test drive.

Next to the Harley Davidson, they had arranged all of the men’s products. There was so many different ones, from anti aging creams to beard grooming oils. I had no idea what ingredients were in each product, so I ended up picking them all up and reading about them.


Throughout the night everyone could speak to all the staff members and ask all the questions they wanted. I think nearly everyone had a skin consultation, were you had a little piece of cardboard which determined how oily or dry their skin was.


Based on the results, the staff member would then start recommending products and describing why they would help and what sort of differences you should see in your skin. The skin consultation was only done on your face, so for me it was kinda awkward as my main skin problem is my shoulders. I described what my problem is to one of the staff members Matthew, who was very helpful. He then recommended using a clay mask. So I decided to purchase the ‘Rare earth, deep pore daily cleanser‘.


I will be writing a review on this product with some pictures of before and after. This I will also make my first product review. I must say, Matthew put some of this on my hand and wow. The feeling was amazing! Look out for my review for some more in depth details…

Once we had our consultations done, we bought our products and were very lucky to receive 20% off. Thank you Kiehls! Just before we left we also got given a goody box which looked amazing. We had some great tester products which I cannot wait to try out.



I really enjoyed the event, and the help from the staff members was amazing. So I would like to say thank you Kiehls, I will be back!

Look out for my review on the rare earth mask coming soon…





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