Getting festive with The Grape and Olive

Ever seen the tallest building in Wales…? It’s in Swansea and has a beautiful restaurant at the top.


I was lucky enough to attend their first blogger event! I was so thrilled when I received my invitation. Ive always wanted to go there and see all the amazing panoramic views of Swansea. And what a great way to experience it, by trying out there Christmas menu.

When we arrived we got to the entrance and looked up… wow what a height!


The grape and olive is situated on the 28th floor. As we got off the elevator we had a flight of stairs to go up and we were there. As soon as I walked in, it felt like Christmas. The decorations were out and fairy lights over the railings giving the room a warm and cosy feeling. inside

Ffion from (shemeansbusiness) and Gavin (General manager) were the organizers of the event, and they greeted us at the top of the stairs. Lottie (lottielately) and I were the last to arrive at the event. After Ffion offering us a welcome drink she explained the itinerary for the evening.


We were going to taste starters, mains and deserts from two different Christmas menus. The Christmas festive menu which had 3 courses for £25. And the Christmas menu, which had 4 courses for £60.

Out came the starters! The smell of food quickly filled the room and I knew it was going to be great! My favorite starter by far had to be the potato and leek soup. The flavor was incredible. And it left a light peppery taste on your tongue. Best soup ever!

Then came the mains… the beef looked so good, very well presented. But unfortunately, I can’t eat beef as it doesn’t agree with me. I chose the fillet of hake with dijon mustard and I really enjoyed it. I also tried the vegetarian option, which was the sweet potato, squash and feta muffin.

The deserts… brilliantly decorated plates of tasty food, ready for us to try. I tried two of the deserts. A chocolate orange fondant and treacle tart. Heaven… that’s all I can say! What fantastic deserts! And just the right portion sizes. 

The tallest building in Wales really has it all. Great panoramic views of Swansea, and a great restaurant which provides delicious food at very good prices. I would like to thank all the staff at the grape and olive for a great evening. And a special thank you to Ffion and Gavin for the invite.

If you haven’t already been, I strongly suggest getting over or up I should say, to the grape and olive.


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