Great start to 2017

For who ever doesnt know me personally, in this post I am going to share my life experiences since I left school. 
It was great end to 2016 and start to 2017 for me. Three weeks off on sick over christmas and come back to work to find out I am getting dismissed. What a great start to the new year! 

I have been in and out of job since I can remember. I have never known exactly what sort of career I would like to go into since I left school ten years ago. IT was one subject which I was good at and I enjoyed. Pursuing a career in IT I thought was the way forward. It was well paid and there were thousands of jobs out there. So I left school and went to college and done a BTEC National Diploma in ICT. Great course I have to say. After that I followed it further and decided to take up a degree in the same subject. Anyone thats gone from college to uni will say how much of a big step it is! I had the shock of my life! Especially moving out of my parents house for the first time. I studied this course at the University of Glamorgan. Unfortunately I did not get the grades I wanted but at least I passed. I had a BSc (hons) in Information Communication Technology. I was extremely proud! And could not wait to get out and start my first job. 

Weeks then months passed with no sign of a job. I even volunteered myself for free to work for a week in some places, just to get the experience. I was hoping that companies would then look at me as having working experience in the subject. In the mean time I had a job at a chinese take away, not the best but it was a job to tie me over until I found work in the IT field. 

It got to the point that a year and a half passed with no signs of work, I lost hope and decided to stop looking in this field. After 5 years of hard studying I thought at least one opportunity would present itself. Id been out of the field for so long that all the technologies I had learnt had all been updated. So even if I still wanted to find work, I would have to learn the majority of it all again. That was it, I threw this idea out of the window and decided to try and pursue something else as a career.

I have always wanted to travel the world. Since I have known what my uncle does, I have always wanted to follow in his footsteps. He used to work for Microsoft and travel the world whilst doing his job, all expenses paid for. What a great career i thought. 

I started looking at options which will allow travel when you work. The cruise line ships looked like an excellent opportunity, maybe as a waiter or as a barman on a cruise ship. After searching for jobs again they all required experience. Great another let down. 

The military I then started looking at. Great! A career and you get to travel. So I applied to the Royal Navy to become a naval airman. The naval airman is the person who deals with aircraft safety on board a ship. Once you pass the training and get posted to a ship thats it. Where ever that ship goes, thats were you go. 3, 4 or 6 months tours at a time, pulling into ports all over the world. After two and a half years of waiting, getting fit and also loosing 2.5 stonnes, I was in! My basic training started in 2015 at HMS Raleigh Plymouth.

After the 3rd day of training I was settling in great, and I had the best bed in the room. Unfortunately I was called into the medical centre and told I can no longer continue my training as I had a medical condition which, could not be resolved by them. I was deemed medically unfit and discharged immediately. 

Yes another big let down again. Second choice of career and it got taken away by some stupid medical condition. After coming home I was sent to an ENT specialist. Soon after looking inside my ear he seen the problem straight away and said that my military days are over, there would be no chance of re joining. 

So I had to look for work… Again! Another job or career possibly. I ended up going to work as a car salesman. I had absolutely no experience in sales or how to deal with customers properly. How on earth was I going to do well in this job. It was going pretty good, and the money was great. And then, my manager decided that it wasnt working, I had a very quiet spell of no sales. I was told I had to finish there. 

At this point I was so depressed and struggling to come to terms with the facts that, My navy career was over, I had to have a massive operation and I just lost another job. But, I could not let this defeat me! I am a very determined person to succeed, and if I let this defeat me who knows what I would have done!

Luckily for me an opportunity presented itself. Another job as a salesman, selling cars. During my time here I had to be open and honest with my employer to say exactly what was going on with my ear.

I had to have an operation on my right ear as they found a disease known as cholesteatoma, which is a skin growth in the inner ear. This was stopping me from hearing fully. The procedure was called mastoidectomy. A 5/6 hour operation which involved drilling into the skull to gain access to the inner ear, which was very close to the brain. I was told that the recovery period was going to be very tough and I would need regular check ups to monitor everything. 

After 7 months of having the operation it still has not healed, I am still having problems. Thats why I was off for three weeks over Christmas. Because of the shape and condition my ear is in, my balance nerves are revealed and nothing protects them. A slight breeze or a tiny drop of water anywhere near the canal and I have serious problems. This is why if you see me walking about I have cotton wool or a hat on to keep it covered. 

Who knows when this will be healed fully… I think I might be temporary disabled until I can get a hearing aid. As this as not healed, I cant put the mold for the hearing aid in my ear. 

I came back off the sick in January this year and they decided to dismiss me. Great! Now I am back to square one, no job, one year out of two working and slightly depressed. Throughout all these life changing events I have had someone very special by my side. She has helped through so much, and she has lifted my up when I have started slipping very low to the ground. After all that we have been through, she has stayed by my side. I am so great full to have her. Shes my lottie! Lottie Lately.

 I am still determined that I will find something as a career. Hopefully pretty soon something will come up. Maybe 2017 will be the year I start a life changing career, who knows.

I hope you all enjoy reading … 

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