Vera, Bev and Irene…

I love cars! Anyone who knows me will know that.

I’ve owned three cars so far and the second two have been by far the best. The first was a Peugeot 206 in diesel. I swear it was held together with some gorilla tape and super glue! It was waiting to fall apart! And me as stupid as I was, bought the first car I seen without negotiations. Silly silly mistake! After having a job as a car salesman I have realised how much I got ripped off on the APR!

And here she is, this is Vera! I named all my cars female names, is that just a guy thing…?


You probably are wandering where ‘Vera’ came from, this is a Peugeot 206 Verve edition, so I thought Vera would best suit it πŸ™‚

I kept her for around 6/7 months passed its used car warranty period and decided I needed to get a more reliable car. Yes I am silly as I took out a 4 year finance agreement! But I think it was the right idea as she was struggling and it did feel like the gorilla tape holding the gear box was about to give way!

I moved on to this beautiful machine!


This was Bev, a Fiat Bravo Sport 2.0 diesel. Great piece of machinery! Many people often said to me before they seen it, ” a fiat, really!”. I turned up to work and showed them all and they soon had a shock! She had beautiful curves and great alloys to show off!


She was slightly more expensive than Vera but it was worth it, she was beautiful! The expensive bit came when she blew up due to a very silly error on my part! At this point in my life I did not know a lot about cars mechanically, so I didn’t really know how to do certain things, or when to check certain parts. The oil light decided to come on, and I instantly thought that it needed oil. After having two jobs in the motor industry an oil light does not necessarily mean that. And I found out the hard way. I filled it up with oil and carried on driving it! Big mistake! The engine started over revving on its own when I was doing 60mph! There was white smoke everywhere! The oil had been filled up so much that it got into the turbo of the engine and over revved until it eventually burnt out! The fire brigade turned up and said that there was a fire underneath the bonnet and I could have died! Not my greatest day I must say!


After Β£4000 of spending, Bev had a new engine re build and was back alive! When I had her back it was not the same. I fell out of love with her, as if something was missing, like something had not been put back properly. That was it, she had to go! I could not trust her anymore.

I was looking for something similar in power and engine size. I wanted something with a bit of beans! My brother sold me Bev as he is a car salesman and he was on the hunt for something else.

This was part exchanged in…


A Seat Ibiza FR 2.0 diesel. Another great machine! Smaller than Bev, again great curves and alloys. The main attraction to her was her German insides! German machinery underneath. These engines are know to last ages! A strong Volkswagen engine. What was I to name her…?


I love the film me, myself and Irene, and there was an I in the name of this car! That was it! Her name was Irene! She was a little slower than Bev with a difference of 22bhp. Not much but she could still shift when needed. I fell in love so quickly again! Never had a problem with her, took her all over the country. The first long journey was to Cadbury World for Charlottes birthday . We also took her on our visit to the Isle of Wight last year, great drive and outstanding on fuel economy. It was a sports car and I could average around 50mpg no problem, sometimes 60mpg on the motorways.


Sadly I had to part ways with Irene this week 😦 . No I didn’t blow her up! No she didn’t break on me! My new job requires me to have a company car because of the amount I will be traveling and the equipment I will be carrying.

I decided to trade her to a dealership in England. I could not bare to sell her privately locally. The thought of someone else driving her really upsets me. I decided to try and send her as far away as possible. Hopefully the next owner will look after her with all the attention she needs.

The love for my cars… its like a bond… or a relationship. I will miss them like crazy. Hopefully my new company car will have the same affect on me… it will be a Skoda Octavia Estate, and yes another she πŸ™‚

Which car did you like best…?

Who can come up with a name for my new love…?

Send me your thoughts and I will choose the best name for the new car… the name will be chosen solely from my followers πŸ™‚


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