Who has a tattoo?
Wonderful pieces of art applied to the skin, with agonizing burning and tearing sensations. πŸ˜‚ But, after all the pain you go through, they usually come out great! And I must emphasize the word usually… I have seem some bad ones.
I have two tattoos. Two which I am not entirely happy with! When I was around 17 years old I had to get a tattoo. Everyone was having them, it was the in thing at the time. So I decided to get a Welsh dragon just below the back of my neck. I chose the design out of one of the albums the artist had set out. There were many types of dragon he had designed himself, many of which looked like a cartoony type design. Similar to the one below…

17203943_10154143223791213_1709372345_n (2)

After looking through all the pages, skipping all the cartoony looking ones I finally set my heart on this design.


As you can see it is very faded. I am not happy with it anymore πŸ˜”. After speaking with different tattoo artists many of them have said that the reason its faded in such little time could be because the way it was actually applied to the skin. From what they have told me, it could be the speed of the actual tattoo gun with a mixture of technique and amount of ink used on each stroke.
My second tattoo was an interesting experience… My best friend and I decided to go to Amsterdam for a week a few years back. We both decided that we would get a tattoo whilst we were there. After my first experience I was quite determined to choose an artist who would do the job correctly. Not that I know how to tattoo correctly! After searching the streets of Amsterdam we found a parlor and my friend decided to go first and spend €200 for a few black lines! I backed out last minute after he had his done! I swear he nearly killed me! Lucky he had it done the last day, it would have been a rather interesting trip if he had it done early on in the holiday πŸ˜‚
It was too late by this point to get one done in Amsterdam. So we decided to look in Bristol as that’s where we flew from. Again we looked everywhere until I was comfortable. This parlor was not the best looking of places, but we both got very bored of looking and I said the next parlor we find, that’s where I will have one done. I had it done and only paid Β£50 and it was much bigger than the one he over paid for.

After a few weeks, again I was not entirely happy with it. It was bare and I thought a little cartoony. It needed some attention from a good artist. I did some searching and asking around and my cousin recommended his tattoo parlor. Why or why didn’t I just go to him in the first place. It turns out he was one of my brothers good friends! I had a little chat with him and explained what I would like and he drew a design on me and told me to look in the mirror. Great I thought, lets go ahead πŸ˜€

It looks soooooo much better than last time! I was so happy ☺️. But, this was done around 4 years ago. I am getting bored with it again…
I have been looking at other ways to add and extend it. Do I keep it just on the fore arm? Do I stretch it into a sleeve up to the shoulder? I have added some designs below which I found on Google


What do you guys think I should do to it?
Leave me some feedback, maybe one of you out there is an artist I could turn to for help 😊

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