FeD Chef Special

I was so lucky to be invited to the launch of the Fed Chef Special menu in Cardiff. Have you ever had the time were you cannot decide what you would like for food…? Or it is take away night and you fancy a curry but your partner fancies chicken balls with sweet and sour… Go to FeD!


They have a wide range of dishes from a number of different countries. From curry’s to a Sunday roast, from pizza to sushi… They have it all. It is a buffet style restaurant with an option of having the chefs cook food especially for you which is then brought over to your table.
For this event, the chefs at FeD have created a spring style menu with five new dishes from five different countries. There are also new cocktails and mocktails to chose from. These dishes are special because only one can be chosen with what ever else you would like from the buffet.


Lottie and I arrived slightly late to the event due to work and traffic. When we arrived we were greeted by our wonderful host Sachin. As we sat down we were offered a drink straight away to which we both had the Berry Blossom mocktail.

A beautiful blend of berries with lemonade and ice. Sachin advised us on the itinerary of the evening and what was on offer for us to try. On the table ready were a choice of papadums, prawn crackers, olives and tortillas with a choice of dip which included, salsa, mango chutney and guacamole. We could then choose a dish, a great selection of different flavours from different continents of the world.

Lottie chose the steak, and I chose the pork. What a great choice! Such good combined flavours. On the plate, a pork steak cooked to perfection! Crispy on the out side soft on the inside, beautiful! Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love my bacon and gammon. Surrounding the meat a good selection of vegetables, red and green peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, spring onion topped off with a small sprinkle of ginger. All the flavours sending my taste-buds through the roof!

17506225_10154180292621213_295083795_n (2)

After we both finished our dishes, Sachin advised us that we could chose another from the menu to try. I could not wait to try something else! This time we both wanted to try the same thing, we asked for one portion to be split between us. The Sachin and the Chefs advised that this would not be a problem. We chose the vegetable dumplings.
17506546_10154180292631213_687354759_n (2)
Pouches full of spring style vegetables, boiled and then fried for a crispy edge. These are fantastic! I would say the portion sizes we had were good for a starter. Two beautiful dishes! I cannot wait to try the rest on the menu.
Our table was cleared after we finished the dumplings. And a waitress arrived with a large tray which contained cake and a range of deserts… Including chorios! I love chorios! We had a mixture of each desert to try with a small amount of chocolate from the chocolate fountain. Yes… FeD have there very own chocolate fountain!

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The food was exquisite! I would like to thank Sachin and all the staff at FeD! I will be coming back soon, very soon πŸ˜€

Have a food dilemma…?

Get yourself over to FeD and experience different flavours from all over the world, under one roof!

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