My running journey

My story started not long after I finished university. After 2 years in college and 3 years in university I was looking for work in IT. A full year of job hunting, no success! Everywhere I tried, all wanted at least a years experience! I even volunteered to work for free for a week just to get some experience, even that was not good enough. I noticed every job site I was visiting were advertising for the Royal Navy.


I decided to join the navy! Something completely random. After speaking to a naval officer he recommended that I join as an officer as I had a degree. Instead, I wanted to begin at the bottom and work my way up, so I joined as a naval airman. Nothing to do with the IT course I did!

When I started training, I weighed near 13stonne! I was so unfit! My lifestyle consisted of Call of Duty, working late evenings and sleep! And I must not forget… beer! Lots of it! Based on my lifestyle no one thought I would be able to do this. I came up with a plan. Completely change what I am eating, lower the amount of beer and get my legs working more. Something which I found very useful for weight loss were Grenade Thermo Detonators. You had to work with them otherwise they would do nothing.I began by running for 10/15mins at a time every other day. My legs needed to get used to the feeling of movement as they were so used to sitting down doing nothing. My lungs needed to learn to open out more, and I had to learn to control my breathing. I did this for a few weeks until my body got used to doing some sort of exercise. It was not much at all!

The main goal I needed to conquer was 1.5 miles in 10:20. This was the requirements for my age group. Using the time I had been running for I chose a route of that distance. I knew I could run for 10/15mins no problem, but I had to gradually get quicker over the distance. Luckily for me, I live next to a park which has a circular field which is around 500m around. So 5 laps would be 2.5km which is over what I needed by 100m. I tried and tried for weeks to get near the time that was needed! It took so long, but I was determined that I could do it!

After a couple of months I was running the 2.5km in 10:30! Great success! All I needed to do now was get the last lap quicker than the rest to meet the 10:20 limit! I worked on that for a few weeks and I was running the 2.5km on average at 10.13! That was my best time which I could not beat. But 10.13 is pretty good I think.

As a few months passed I decide to try and take it to the next level. 5km first, I could run the distance no problem! Which I was very surprised at. I also worked on this time and entered a race on the beech front. On average I was running 5km in 24mins, it came to the race and I got my all time personal best of 22:50! I was so happy!
To keep my fitness levels up for the navy I ran a 5km run about 3 times a week and the 1.5mile run twice a week to keep my timings right. My fitness got so good that I was able to run a 10km run which I was doing once a week. My best time for this was 53.36.

I used to be pretty fit a couple of years ago… I had to be for the navy. When I was discharged for medical reasons that’s when my running and fitness took a big bang! Depression kicked in due to being discharged in the first place, for what I thought was a stupid reason! Last year I had the operation which was the cause of the discharge, this was a mastoidectamy. A pretty big operation which lasted 6hours. Then I realized how big the problem actually was .

10/11 months after the operation I am still recovering, I still have problems such as my balance nerve being exposed because my ear drum isnt there anymore! This can cause issues with running, sometimes I stumble, sometimes I wobble. I started back this week and I would like to get near the fitness level I was two years ago. A combination of healthy eating and grenade thermo detonator tablets should help with the weight loss and make the running easier on my legs.

17842417_1527322753947635_367994500_n (2)
Does anyone have any tips for me?

Wish me luck, and I will keep you all updated soon πŸ‘


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