Finally… New ink! :)

New tattoo I did it! My sleeve has started. My tattoo on my forearm has been bugging me for a while. I still regret having the original done, I should have given more thought into exactly what I wanted. As its a tattoo, once its on its tough!


As you can see, its rubbish! It was chosen in a slight rush. I was suppose to get a tattoo when I visited Amsterdam. Instead it was done in a run down tattoo shop in Bristol on the way back after my trip. Not long after this was done I had decided I was not happy with it. It needed beefing up! This time I decided to do it properly, no rushing into it this time. I went down to a friends tattoo parlor. Timeless tattoo. Anyone looking for work to be done, I strongly suggesting visiting there page on Instagram or Facebook. I discussed what sort of update I wanted and Dean got straight to work.

18470645_1569474489732461_1577646841_n (2)

It was a great update! But again I felt it needed more. I spent ages looking around for different ideas and styles. Did I continue the tribal dragon theme…?

18447833_10154305243436213_1209310565_n (2)

I went down to see Dean again for some ideas of his. I showed him some different designs and told him what Id like. He decided the best match would be a Polynesian style tattoo and he would blend in the dragon.


I booked myself in, I was so excited! He started to draw the designs on my arm using a felt tip. It looked all over the place if I am honest. I got slightly worried…

18448048_1569487563064487_1928975193_n (2)

He sent me to the mirror to look at the design and to be fair it did look pretty good! And then… the pain began!

18471209_1569489659730944_1038972008_n (2)

The outline is always the worst! It was tearing through my skin for 2.5 hours! After that we took a break! But I could not wait to look at the progress in the mirror… (Pic of outline in mirror) To anyone that’s got tattoos, don’t you think the shading is so relaxing…? After the tearing of the outline, the needle is changed and its like heaven. I have to be honest when I was lying on the seat I nearly fell asleep.

18470889_1569490573064186_1268523324_n (2)

The shading took another hour and then… it was complete! Check it out…


What do you all think…?


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