Guinness Pro 12 Final|Dublin!

We did it! We finally got to go to the Guinness Pro 12 final.

As soon as the Scarlet’s beat Leinster away that was it. I had to go to the final in Dublin! We soon had confirmation that Munster beat the Ospreys (sneaky laugh πŸ˜‚) and would join us in the final. Lottie and I got straight down to pricing everything and looking at the best option to get there.

If you have read my other blog posts, you will know that I cannot fly. After reading the Scarlets official twitter page and realized that they where organizing buses just like the semi final at Leinster. We put our names down straight away. Soon after we were on ticket master choosing our seats. 7 rows from the front, lower tear on the tunnel side of the stadium, Β£58 each… bargain!

We waited all day for a response to our seats on one of the buses. It came in… no space available! The buses had sold out within hours and the organizers were looking at putting more on. Again we had to wait for confirmation of this and there was only 6days left till the big game. We started to look at planning our own trip. The ferry options were cheap, and train journeys were affordable. The hotels on the other hand… prices through the roof! The cheapest we could find for two nights Β£420 between us. The positions with the Scarlets where Β£219 for accommodation and travel expenses.

We knew we had a slight problem. We could either wait for another response from the Scarlets or book this Β£420 hotel! Lottie decided to keep looking at other options… and I am so glad she did! She found a website called This website is fantastic. Its what the Irish called air b + b. People rent rooms in their houses to the public! We had a price of Β£150 for two nights between us. Great result!
Laura the owner of the house responded very quickly to my message. I phoned her straight away to confirm our booking, just to make sure πŸ™‚ we then quickly booked the ferry and trains tickets. It was all booked! We where finally going 100%!

We arrived late in Dublin on the Friday. After a long day of traveling we decided to get an early night ready for the big day on Saturday.
The Guinness factory, Dublin’s iconic beer! That was our first call at 10am on Saturday morning. What an amazing place to visit! I have always wanted to go there. I even got Lottie to try it, her drink is usually a fruity cider, I think that’s an achievement πŸ˜‚.

One of the best things in this place has to be the 360 panoramic bar they have right at the top. And this is where you get your free pint. It was a shame about the weather in the morning, as you couldn’t really see much 😦

18928309_10154359306536213_633426239_n (2)

After a day spent in the Guinness factory and a few pubs in Dublin, the time had finally arrived. It was time to go into the stadium! Ireland’s national stadium, the Aviva! Look at where our seats were!

Liam Williams opened the scoring right in front of us. Amazing!
The Scarlets kept finding the space out wide and kept scoring. We had scored 29 points by half time! The second half they came out and played exactly the same! Such an amazing performance of rugby 46-22 win! We won the Guinness Pro 12. The last time was 13 years ago. It was such a big day for the club and for Welsh rugby.

18835456_10154359306611213_752514686_n (2)

This weekend was so magical. One of the highlights of my life to witness the Scarlet’s winning the Guinness Pro 12 in style. It was definitely one of the best trips Lottie and I will ever have done. It was also a romantic weekend. I enjoyed every minute of it!

Lottie and I have already said we are going back, to sight-see this time. Maybe next year the Scarlet’s will give us another final to attend πŸ™‚
Who else went to the final…? Yma o hyd!

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