Sleeve update

Did you all read my post about new ink?

I decided that I would be extending my current tattoo into a polynesian style sleeve. They look so good!

It had been nearly two months since I had the main update done on my forearm, so I booked in with Dean at Timeless tattoo on the 1st of July for the next bit. He advised that the next bit would be the elbow area which he said is one of the most painful areas to do.

1st of July fell on a Saturday… Saturday was British and Irish Lions day! Why did I book it on a Saturday! And to top it off, it was the second test which the Lions won.

Lottie decided that she was going to come with me again to watch the artist at work, and me in agonizing pain obviously. We arrived slightly late due to the rugby, wooops! Dean greeted us and discussed what he would be doing, which I thought was the elbow. I had mentally prepared myself for this painful experience. But, it turns out he changed his mind!

He was going to do the inner part of my elbow, bleugh! Anyone who knows me will know that I hate this area being touched, and I was about to have a needle hammering against it! A rush of nausea and adrenline came on quite rapidly!

Dean got right to work, we both agreed that he would leave the inner elbow till last. Lottie was not paying much attention this time and I could not understand why… It was really bugging me. There was a reason, head over to her page to see why.

An hour flew past and Dean was already finished with the outline, for me this was the worst bit. Next was the relaxing shading or colouring in as he called it.

Two hours and he was finished. He did such a great job. I was straight over to the mirror to check it out. After such an excruciating couple of hours, I was so happy with the end result.

I cannot wait to get it all finished. Only the tricept area and shoulder left.

What do you guys think?

Keep an eye out for the next update 👍


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