Launch of the Sky Bar at The Grape and Olive

What a great location to place a cocktail bar, the tallest building in Wales: The Tower, Meridan Quay.

I was so lucky to be invited to the opening of the Sky bar. However, arriving late was not what I intended. Still in my work clothes I parked the car and ran over to the entrance of the tower to meet Lottie.


Ffion greeted us with a great big smile and ran through the itinerary for the evening. I was so glad I didn’t miss the start. Rick invited us over to the bar and there sitting were some colourful concoction cocktails waiting to be tasted. Try saying those three words quickly😜


Why o why was I driving! Look at how fantastic they all are.The smells were sensational. I wanted to take a sip of each one. There was also a mock-tail option for any drivers.


Cerys our bar maid started making her first cocktail, a gin and tonic. As she was pouring/adding each ingredient a short description followed of how it effects the taste of the cocktail. The fruit was cut a certain way to release a different type of taste. The tonic water was poured down a spiral spoon to help stop the loss of fizz.

My mouth was watering watching them being made. I had to try one! Coffee and alcohol, who thought of this mix! Its genius. Anyone who knows me will know that I love strong coffee (two spoon full’s with a small dash of milk) This one was called Espresso Martini. Strong coffee with vodka and martini. Great flavour!
Looking over the beautiful Swansea bay at 29 storeys drinking an Espresso Martini sounds like an awesome plan!
The next time I do this, there a three things which I will take into concideration,

1. Do not drive a car (I need to be able to have one of each cocktail😁)

2. Clear my schedule (To be able to sit all day drinking cocktails with great views and not to be interrupted by work)

3. Remember where I am (After a few lovely cocktails I may think I will be able to fly)
What is your favourite cocktail?


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