One of my favorite childhood bands…

I did it! I finally got to see them… Blink 182 in the Motorpoint Cardiff!

When I was between 13-17 skateboarding was my craze. The baggy trousers, Vans skateboarding shoes and of course… a hoody. Everyday I would be out on the board, attempting new tricks and traveling the full length of my town.
No I was not any good at doing tricks! But the main thing I could actually ride the skateboard without looking like a complete idiot.

The craze came with its fashion, staying out late and more importantly, music. I listened to so many different bands all in the punk rock genre. Green Day, Simple Plan, Nickelback, Good Charlotte, Foo Fighters, My Chemical Romance, Lost Prophets. They were all amazing bands, I even went up to Bristol to see Simple Plan.
Out of them all, one band always stood out for me. They had great music, song lyrics and music videos. Blink 182!
The band had been around since the early 90s and released some of my favorite songs early in there career. Unfortunately they did split in 2005, but I continued to listen to there music.
Two years after there split there were rumors of the band reforming. I could not believe it. Were they actually making a come back???

In 2009 they announced that they would be returning! They had changed there lead singer with a singer from the band, The Alkaline Trio. Such a great news! They went on to release an album called “neighborhoods” in 2011 and “California” in 2016
After the long split in the band and a new member, they in my view were still incredible! And I had to go and see them.

They announced UK tour dates and my brother and I quickly got our tickets! 3rd of July we were ready to rock! We bought our t shirts and joined the long queue into the arena. 9 clock came and this decided to drop down on the stage…

This was their icon… Travis Barker started his drumming, the flag dropped quickly… sparks flew everywhere, and there they were! Rocking away to a song called “Feeling This”! Such a great feeling was rattling through my body, felt like the good old days.
They played all of there old classic songs as well as a few from there new album. We sang along to “Rock Show, whats my age again” and “All the small things”. Such a great night! Why hadn’t I gone to see them live any sooner??!

My brother and I have decided on who our next band will be… it has to be the Foo Fighters! After that Glastonbury performance and again, a favorite childhood band!
Please can the Foo Fighters do another UK tour!!
Who is your favorite childhood band…?


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