Speedway GP

Since I have started writing my blog I have attended a few different events. From a Lush Christmas launch to testing a chef special menu at FED. There has been no specific type of event I have aimed for. All the events were fantastic and I was very lucky to be invited to them.

This latest event was by far the best I have attended in my blogging journey! Motorbikes… I am more of a car person myself, I always have been. And if you all follow my Instagram you will see. However, I was invited by the Wales Blog Network to attend the Speedway GP in the Principality Stadium, and my view on motorbikes has changed.

I have never been to any kind of motorbike event in my life! I had heard of Speedway and seen it on TV, but had no idea of the rules and structure of the competition. It was quite complicated to follow but very exciting action on the track.

Raced on an oval track, 15 riders and one wild card rider would battle it out over 23 heats. Every rider would meet each other once in the heats. Each heat would include 4 riders with different starting lanes on the track. Coloured helmets are worn to identify which rider started in each lane.

Red (lane one, inside lane)

Blue (lane two, middle inner lane)

White (lane three, middle outer lane)

Yellow (lane four, outer lane)

Points are scored if the rider finishes in the top three, 1st 3 points, 2nd 2 points and 3rd 1 point. After 23 heats the riders with the most points gain entry to the semi finals. There are two semi finals to decide which 4 of the 8 riders have scored enough to enter the final.

The bikes are incredible! No brakes, no gears and run on methanol. Methanol is a fuel which is environmentally friendly and made from potatoes… yes potatoes! The smell from the fumes is something I will never forget, its unique to the sport. The bikes can reach speeds of 70mph and are very loud when accelerating!

The British Speedway GP has been held at the Principality stadium since 2001. It is their longest returning event in the stadiums history. For those who have never heard of the stadium, it is the Welsh rugby unions pitch which has a capacity of 70,000 and has a roof which can be open or closed depending on the event. I have been to numerous games at the stadium with the roof open and closed. For me the best is when its closed! The atmosphere is outstanding! And I was about to watch motorbikes going around a man made track inside the stadium!

img_0060 (2)

Wales Blog Network representatives Rhys and Helen had arranged for us to visit the practice run on the Friday, the race on Saturday and pit lane access on both days. On the Saturday Speedway GP had set up a fan zone in Cardiff where there was so much going on. The big sponsor Monster had laid out an enclosure which included the Monster girls and plenty of their branded drink. There were other stands which included history of Speedway showing older bikes and outfits. The main stage had Capital FM live.

img_2449 (2)

img_2439 (2)

This was by far the best event I have been to. I would like to thank the team at Wales Blog Network for the invite. With the pit lane access I managed to get a picture with our very own Tai Woffinden!

Unfortunately, Tai did not make it into the final as he did not score enough points 😔. Maybe next year Tai 👍. The event was won by one of four Polish riders Maciej Janowski. The Polish riders had so much support! I never realised how big it was in their country.

img_0062 (2)

The top three were paraded around in shiny brand new BMW’s.

After my experience, I would recommend everyone to go at least once. Even of you do not like bikes or have no interest in the sport. The drama out on track, the build up to the big day and the race final is something you have to witness.

I will be attending next years Speedway without a doubt! I will be keeping a close eye on the Speedway league ready for next year.

A big thank you to Rhys and Helen at Wales Blog Network, and see you soon hopefully!

Have you every attended the Speedway GP?


Disclaimer: I was invited to this event for free for review purposes. This does not affect my opinion in any way.

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  1. It was a brilliant couple of days! I loved the pit access and watching them battling it out on track 🙂

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  2. I would agree even if you don’t think it’s your thing give it a go it’s great fun & exciting! The fans made a really great atmosphere.

    Liked by 1 person

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