Road trip

I have always loved the idea of a road trip, ever since I have passed my driving test all I want to do is jump in a car and drive. There are two trips which are on my list to do before I die, route 66 and a Euro trip.

38189_417957377014_1462436_n (2)

My best friend Jon and I done a short UK road trip which we spent a week on the road. We basically done a round trip of England. Starting in Llanelli and heading to Swindon as a first stop as this is where Jon grew up. After Swindon we headed to London and stayed with his brother. This stop was very messy! His brother had arranged an A to Z pub crawl of London!

39508_417957432014_143169_n (2)
We spent two nights in London and then had a very long drive to Newcastle. Just under 300miles to get to our hotel. On our way up to Newcastle we seen this off the motorway:

39252_418881562014_1800638_n (2)

It was huge! We decided to stop and check it out. After a little research and some sign reading we found out that it was called The Penshaw Monument. It was built in 1844! By the look and design we thought it was built in the Roman times 😂

39154_417453286212_3239724_n (2)

After Newcastle we headed towards Carlisle calling in a few Roman museums and stopping to see Hadrians wall. As we got into Carlisle we then dropped south on to the M6 and leaving for the M55 where we spent two nights in Blackpool.

39650_422352562014_5911876_n (2)
From Blackpool we headed south to Stafford, then Stafford to Swindon. Swindon was our last call before heading west on the M4 home. Overall, the trip was near 1400 miles over 7days. Mainly staying in Travelodge’s and friends/family houses. It was a great trip!

47724_422386146212_5168754_n (2)
Jon and I met up for our weekly meal and started chatting about this road trip. It soon came to our attention that this was 7years ago!! That was it! We started planning our next one there and then.
We have decided, after a long conversation over a Harvester meal that we would road trip from Land’s End to John O Groats. Our holidays are booked, October 6th to 17th. We have calculated this trip to be around 2200miles! With plenty of different activities throughout the trip.

20624425_10154542556251213_1081314338_n (2)
I will be posting regularly throughout the trip. And I will let you all know the plan for each day.
Ever been on a road trip?


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