My obsession

Anyone who knows me will know that I love to build things. Using my hands to create different things using all sorts of materials. Ive always been interested in the Airfix planes, were you have to build a plane and then paint it afterwards. Meccanno is another things I’ve always been into, they only problem is, I have no were to put any of them once there built.

My biggest craze has to be Lego. Ever since I was a child I have always loved it. Starting off from the big Duplo blocks down to the smaller bricks you see now. Every year at christmas my parents always use to get me a new Lego set. I used to shake each present to try and find the Lego first! Once id found it, id open it and start building it forgetting the other presents were there!

Since moving into a bigger bedroom (unfortunately I don’t have my own house 😔) I have put shelving up around the room. I have bought various sets of Lego Technic which are now living on them. Lego I find is quite expensive for what it is but, its always worth it once you have finished building it.
I was looking on Facebook one evening and noticed my brother had tagged me in something. When I opened it up I couldn’t believe it!

Look at the size of it! I love Lego and I love Star Wars! That was it I had to buy it. The only thing was, this was not the legit Lego. When the box arrived it weighed a tonne! I did not realise that 3250 bricks and blocks of Lego could weigh so much!

It had come from Hong Kong and they must have made a detailed double or something because you could not tell the bricks apart other than the name Lego being on them. They fitted together just like the real thing. I decided to open the bags and try and put similar parts together so that it would be easier to locate them when needed.

I was like a little child! I couldn’t wait to start building it.

This was going to take a while. So I decided, instead of rushing into it and building it as quickly as possible, I decided to spend a few hours a day on it. And of course, I took a picture of each stage of the build.

One of the main things I was hoping for, was that it was built with a stand! If you look in this picture it only looks like blocks with no feet to stabilize it. Luckily, I continued to build and in the picture below you can see some pretty strong legs and feet.

The next bit was very complicated. If you look closely at the picture below there are magnets sitting on a yellow brick. In order to get this panel to connect to the frame you had to use the magnets for the main attachment. If you look at the previous pictures you will see the other magnets on a black piece of the frame.

It took numerous attempts to get it on.

It was getting so frustrating as the magnets were too strong and were pulling each other off the main frame and then causing other parts to come loose. And this was just the first one! There were another three to go!

After so many attempts to get the last one I have up on one day. I had no were to put my fingers to hold the pieces on. And again the magnets were too strong. The day passed and I thought of a few different ways I could get the last one on. I improvised, and look…

At one point I even thought about pulling it all apart and re building it in-case I had made a mistake. It was finally on! The frustration was over I was so happy 😁 I could continue on to the next bit.

The next part had to be pretty big to fill the gap on the top. I started thinking to myself how am I going to move it if the top is covered? I used the rail in the center of the gap to pick it up.

Relief! This bit of the build was not stuck down to the whole ship. You could take it on and off to reduce the weight to make it easier to move around.

It was time for the last piece to go on, the control tower at the top.


It took seven days for me to complete this. Then longest time I have ever spent on a model. 3250 pieces!

I think after building this it calls for one thing, christmas is around the corner maybe Lottie will treat me to some tickets for Legoland 😜

Do you like Lego…?

May the force be with you…


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