Life update

Wow I haven’t posted in a while…

Ive kinda drifted away from writing blog posts over the last few months. My focus has been on my job which I started in March. Starting a new job is always tough, especially when you have never done any kind of engineering work in your life. You meet new people everyday and work with a range of different customers.

I have been focusing a lot on learning the theory of how these machines work. There is so much going on from the moment you press that copy button! Oh and if you forgot, I am training to be a photocopier engineer.

There’s a lot that goes on, from the light scanning the image, to the fuser fusing the toner to your paper. So much to take in! But its so interesting. When you get a call out for a break down, it could be anything. From a paper jam to a motor failure. Or no electricity getting into the machine… yeah this one! Try plugging the power cable first before calling us out 😜

So just a short update, look out for my road trip post coming soon. For all of all that follow me on Instagram you will see where I have been.


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