Roars at the Principality

What weighs around 5500kg, stands around 12 feet tall and produces 1500 horse power…?

Any ideas… ?

One more tip, they are capable of reaching 70mph speeds…

Ok, ok the answer is Monster trucks!


Traveling at 70mph they can reach 130 feet in distance off dirt jumps and up to 35feet in the air. These dirt jumps are man made for each event, 300 truck loads of dirt and 1500 man hours to build and replace. Incredible don’t you think. Monster Jams have traveled all across America over the previous years showing off all of their stunts.

You would think a vehicle like this would not be good for our environment, that is incorrect. They use a fuel which is based on potatoes. Yes potatoes! Its called methanol. If you read my previous post about the Speedway GP, it is the same fuel. It smells pretty weird I must say, but you get used to it.

Avenger 1200_0

Good news for all my Welsh followers, Monster Jams are bringing the show to the Principality Stadium in Cardiff! On May 19th. With the roof closed and the noise of these engines roaring and ripping through the track, this is destined to be a great family day out. This is one of the greatest venues in the UK for large events in an indoor arena. This has had concerts from Coldplay to dirty bikes drifting around a speedway track. A 75,000 seat fortress in the center of Cardiff. And there are 12 of these beasts waiting to tear it up.

Fan_Zone_2016_rdax_1194x700_80 (2)

Fans can purchase priority tickets through

Standard tickets can be purchased at

For more information on the event and what to expect visit

I look forward to seeing you all there,logo


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