Dining American style

I have been lucky enough to visit America twice in my life and I have to say they have so much passion for the food! They mix different foods together which us Brits wouldn’t even think of, peanut butter and jam sandwiches… ummm not for me thank you! I like both of them, separately but the thought of mixing them together… nope nope nope!

A new restaurant was coming to Swansea, an American style restaurant. A name that has been known in the states since the 1950s, Dennys. Swansea was lucky enough to have the first restaurant in the UK. The official opening date was December 27th 2017, but that was to the public. Dennys had open its doors two days earlier for the homeless. Such a great idea, to help out the poor on one of the most important days of the year.

My best friend and I decided to try the restaurant as we both love our food so much. When a new restaurant comes to town, we are there! We booked our table for 6.30 and arrived just before. Our waitress took us straight to our seats and introduced herself with plenty of confidence. Jamie Lee offered us both a drink and gave us a menu.

There is so many different combinations! They even did breakfast which i did not realise. If you like pancakes then I suggest coming here! Unfortunately I am not a lover of them, so I decided to go with an American style burger. Jamie Lee returned shortly with our drinks and took our orders. Bacon applewood burger with fries and bacon cheddar tots for me, Bourbon bacon burger with fries for Jon.

Now thats what I call a burger! It was cooked to perfection. I love my bacon, and this had the applewood smoky taste. Amazing! Gherkins, onions, lettuce and a small drop of cheesy Italian sauce. The burger and fries were only £10.99.

Overall my experience at Denny’s was amazing. Our waitress was great and always made sure we had everything we needed. The amount you pay and what you get is fantastic. The only thing I wished I tried was the milkshakes! They looked so good.

If you are looking for a good American burger or even some pancakes for breakfast, I would highly recommend Denny’s.

I will be returning shortly to try another one of the tasty burgers and maybe a milkshake 😉


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