Monster Jam 2018

An adrenaline fun packed day out for all the family. A great place to host it, the capital of Wales, Cardiff.

Cardiff is home to one of the biggest indoor stadiums in the country. It has hosted some big music concerts and of course, is the home of Welsh rugby. The stadium has been lucky enough to host Coldplay! And the line up continues this year with Ed Sheeran and Beyonce coming.

Now, we have Monster Jam! Lets fill up the ground with 300 truck loads of dirt and create some large jumps for these guys to tear it up! 1500 man hours to completely change the stadium ready for these 5500kg beasts.


This would be a completely new experience for Lottie & I, and could not wait to go! May 19th quickly arrived and we were Cardiff bound bright and early ready to attend the Pit Party at 10.00am. The Pit Party was the opportunity to meet your favourite drivers. Each truck was parked up, all around the course, with their drivers ready for autographs and pictures.


Lottie and I attended the party around 10.30am as we had to collect our tickets first. I would say, this was slightly too late. The queues to see the drivers were already massive! Unfortunately, neither of us had the opportunity to get autographs or pictures with the drivers. Instead we walked around each truck, getting some pictures, and absorbing all of the atmosphere and excitement building up to the event.


15.00pm the start of the event! We could hear the trucks half a mile away in the streets of Cardiff! I suffer from bad ears as it is, so I was not sure what to expect in the stadium! We quickly took our seats, and the drivers had already driven around the course, and parked up – 5 on each side of the track.


In the first round, each driver had to race the others around the course, but both starting at opposite sides of the track. Both trucks creeped up to the line… on came the green light and off they went! An incredible loud roar filled and echoed through the stadium! 1500hp outputted with tremendous force! Lottie and I just looked at each other in astonishment. We had been to the Speedway GP last year and that was loud, but these were unbelievable!


The power of these beasts off the line, had to be controlled amazingly by the drivers, as they were almost doing wheelies. As you can see in the picture above, they had a jump to go over as soon as they started.

The second round including all the drivers performing two wheel stunts.

Half time break – this displayed an amazing light show, and a group of stunt bikes. The bike drives had set up their own ramp, which lead on to the biggest ramp on the track.


The show ended with the third round, where each truck had 2 minutes of freestyle. That’s 2 minutes to perform all the best stunts they can. Everyone in the stadium was in charge of scoring each run. Using the audience could rate the trucks from 1-10.

Out of all the trucks we had seen, my favourite in the freestyle were; Earth Shaker, El Torro and Grave Digger. El Torro performed the first back flip of the evening. Grave Digger was last, and needed a great run to win. He performed a back flip and a series of amazing jumps.

Overall, I would say this is a fantastic day out for all the family. Tickets are reasonably priced, for a great day of adrenaline pumped action. With Pit Party access, it gives the fans a chance to meet the extraordinary drivers, and get close ups of their favourite trucks.

I am so happy to have had the chance to go. And the best thing is, Monster Jam is returning to the Principality Stadium next year. Keep an eye on their website for ticket information:


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