Just a normal day at work as a trainee engineer, online training and exams…
Out of the blue I receive a text from a fellow engineer “I can get early bird tickets to the Foo Fighters”…

That was it! I had to have the link sent to me. I may have got too excited, I bought 4 tickets before asking anyone 😂. One of my all time favourite bands doing three concerts in the UK, must go!

I had the choice of two venues, Etihad stadium in Manchester or London stadium. I thought Manchester would be a better option and possibly the cheapest. By the time you pay for transport, hotel and drinks in London the bank balance doesn’t look good. Ibis Manchester center, 10minute walk for the stadium for £110 sounded good to me. The only thing I will say, having the shower basically in the bedroom with a terrible frosted glass door is not a good idea. Anyone that’s stayed in an Ibis should know what I am on about.

Unfortunately, only two of us ended up going to the concert. My best friend Jon, who is a very talented photographer. Check out his website

To help with the two spare tickets, I used a website called A great website to sell any event tickets to people who actually want them. And also, a safe place to sell tickets for the value they are worth.

We were all set to go, Manchester here we come! Jon agreed to drive up and back, so we set off 9.30 Tuesday July 19th. If any of you follow me on Instagram my story was filled with stories of Foo Fighters blasting in the car.

Arriving in Manchester the weather was rubbish, horrible wind and rain. That had no effect on how excited we were. We quickly checked in, got ourselves a Dominos and headed to the first pub. As we walk in ‘All my life’ was blasting through the pub!

We left the pub and started to follow the crowd down the road towards the Etihad. Taxis were passing with the Foo Fighters blasting! All the locals seemed to be getting involved with the big event.

A Foo Fighters t shirt was the next point of call. We headed over to the nearest merchandise stall and got ourselves one each. There were other bands on before the Foo Fighters which Jon and I could hear from outside in the bars. The main event was at 20:00pm Jon and I went into the stadium around 19:30 and found ourselves a good standing point.

20:00 David Grohl runs out strumming his guitar very loudly and constantly leading into the intro of ‘All My Life’…. the crowd went absolutely nuts! Beer was flying from all angles and every single person was singing loudly!

After a few songs, Dave Grohl introduces the band members, each with a solo from their instruments. Corey Taylor the drummer was lifted up on an elevator type thing to look over the crowd and he must have played for at least ten minutes straight. Constantly smashing the drums making incredible beats. He then starts playing the intro of ‘Sunday Rain’ . He is the lead singer of this song, he must have been so tired after all that!

Later on they did something which I thought was fantastic, something they also did in Glastonbury, Dave Grohl and Corey Taylor swopped roles of lead singer and drummer, and they played one of my all time favourite songs ‘Under Pressure’. If your a music fan you may know that David Grohl used to be the lead drummer in Nirvana. It was so good!

Watch my video of Under Pressure here.

To end this amazing night, they finished with my favourite Foo Fighters song, ‘Everlong’. It sounded like the entire city of Manchester joined in for this one! What a way to end the night!

It all finished and the crowds all rushed out. Jon and I started walking further to the front to get near the stage.

We could not get over how big it was. The moment the music finished there must have been around 100/150 stage crew men running on to the stage, starting to take it all down. I was intrigued on how long it takes to build and dismantle the stages for a concert like this, so I asked one of the crew. It can take up to a week to build it up, and 3/4 days to take it down. Wow! I don’t think many people think of the man power and effort that goes into these type of events.

Overall what a great day! I have got so many videos I need to post. As soon as the Foo Fighters announce UK tour dates again, I am going, no matter where it is!

If you like rock music I strongly suggest you see this band live!

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