Vitality T20 blast with Glamorgan

I have always thought cricket to be a game similar to rounders or baseball. You have a bat, a ball, a bowler and some fielders. That’s what I would have thought were the basics. The bowler bowls the ball at the batsman and the batsman hits it as far as possible. In rounders and baseball you run in a circle at three possible stops, but cricket is different. You have two batsman with two stops which are wickets, placed opposite each other. Instead of running in a circle they run to each wicket passing each other. When each batsman makes it to the opposite side it counts as one run. There are also two other ways to score runs. A cricket pitch is circular and has a boundary which is marked out all around. After the boundary you have the stands for the fans. If a batsman hits the ball and it rolls out to the boundary it is 4 runs, if he clears the boundary without touching the ground it is 6. The batsman do not need to run if they achieve a 4 or 6.

So that is the basics, or thats what you think. In cricket they have different types of games. Test matches, you have two teams playing each other for up to five days trying to score as many runs as possible. You may have seen this on tv, this is were the batsman pretends he is going to hit it far but only touches it. I find this game particularly annoying as all you want to see is the ball flying out the park.

Something I forgot to mention which is important to the game, is whats called an over. One over, consists of 6 balls to be bowled. So one bowler can bowl a whole over. This is where I find cricket interesting. There are two games of cricket which are based on the number of overs. 50/50 cricket as the name suggests, is 50 overs for each team. The team with the most runs in 50overs wins. However, there are 11 batsman in each team, if they are all caught out then it will swap sides to bat.

The other game is called T20, 20 overs. With the small number of overs each team is going to want to hit it as far as possible to get the maximum number of runs each hit. They also need to protect there wickets to stay in. Usually each team will play there top two batsman first.

I was lucky enough to be invited to a Vitality T20 blast game between Glamorgan and Hampshire at the Sophia Gardens stadium Cardiff. This was my first live match! I have been following Glamorgans T20 progress on tv, and they have been playing very well. I decided to take my future father in law (Colin) who is one of the biggest cricket fans I know. He has grown up following Hampshire cricket and was very excited to attend. I have learnt a lot about cricket over the years from him, even where was best to sit at the ground.

When we arrived at the stadium, each area was open to all tickets. So we could walk around all the ground and sit where ever we wanted. Colin gave me a tour of the stadium and showed me where we could see all the players. We also stood behind the Sky cricket pod and met Marcus Trescothick. I had no idea at the time who he was until Colin explained, a huge England cricketer who has an MBE.

We took front seats at The Discover Leek Pavilion side of the ground ready to watch the entrance of both sides to the pitch. Great atmosphere, flames rising as both teams run on the pitch.

Hampshire where batting first and the balls where soon flying high into the stands for sixes! I could not believe how quick the bowlers where bowling the ball! It was so hard to keep up with, and then the batsman had to make contact with a ball that was coming at them at 85/90mph. Unbelievable to watch live, at least on tv you can see an aerial shot to keep up with the ball 😂. Hampshire set a score of 151-8 after the full 20 overs.

The teams took ten minutes and swapped over, Colin and I decided to move stands and headed towards the Foster stand. After watching the first innings, the sixes seemed to head mainly towards this stand. Maybe I could have caught one 😂. Meschede and Donald came in to bat for Glamorgan, Meschede scoring 32 and Donald being run out for 6. Not really the start Glamorgan wanted. When they left, two big hitters came in; Ingram and Carlson. That was it, they stayed in for the rest of the game! Hampshire could not get them out at all. Ingram scored 71 and Carlson scored 31 enough to win the game for Glamorgan 155-2. Great game for Ingram! Another win for Glamorgan pushing them up the table to qualify for the quarter finals.

Such a great day to witness a 5th game in a row victory. My first live game what an amazing experience. I would like to thank Wales Blog Network and Glamorgan cricket for the opportunity.

I am looking forward to the 50/50 cricket world cup next year. Hopefully I will be attending some games played at Sophia Gardens Cardiff.

Who do you support in the Vitality T20 blast

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