The Floating Hotel

After numerous discussions Charlotte and I decided to book a holiday, not just a holiday, a cruise. We have never been on our own holiday abroad, only our little trips here and there around the UK. So we had to decide which cruise would best suit us for the money and locations. Plus, it was a cruise something we have never done before! On a boat in the middle of the sea… If you have all read my previous posts you will all know that I cannot fly due to medical reasons.

We set our budget and quickly started looking at locations. After searching online we then realised how much there is to consider when choosing the right cruise. The ports of call, the company you choose, what do you get in the package, indoor or outdoor cabin, which currency do they take on board… etc So many questions! We asked around family and friends to see who had been cruising for advice. Everybody came back with different answers!

In the end, after a month of searching we decided to book the Norwegian Fjords with P and O cruises. We would be setting sail on one of their biggest ships Ventura on the 17th of August. From the advice we had, we booked an indoor cabin mid ship. This was supposed to be the best option for first time cruisers as it helps with sea sickness.

The 17th of August quickly arrived and it was time to go! We booked in February and were like two children at Christmas on this day! I drove us down to Southampton and had booked the car in for the week. The P and O staff were amazing! We literally drove down to the port got out the car, someone was already taking our luggage out of the boot, I handed my keys to them and that was it! They took our luggage and we didnt see them until we were on board! It was amazing! Really helped to get you in the holiday mood, last thing you want is to shift your heavy luggage around the terminals and security.

The whole boarding process was so smooth, we had 3/4 very short checks throughout the process. Before boarding you have to link a debit/credit card to a card they provide. This saves you carrying around any cash or your own bank cards. Comparing to airports which I have been to in the passed, this process was so quick and smooth I never want to step foot in an airport again to go on holiday!

We stepped on board and wow! It was beautiful! The first thing we had to do now was find our room, if you like adventure you would like this a lot! There was maps everywhere and deck plans near the stair cases and lifts. Our deck was the riviera deck at 14. After 20mins we found our cabin with our luggage waiting outside our door! 10mins after looking around and settling in there was a knock on our door… who on earth would be knocking our door on holiday! It was our cabin steward Agnelo. He was amazing! He introduced himself to us and told us anything we need he will be on hand. Within 10mins of chatting we were laughing and sharing jokes, such an amazing guy!

On our desk in the cabin was a printed itinerary with all the information we needed. From what was on in the bars to what time the sun will be setting! We had 2/3 hours to explore the ship before taking the very important safety briefing. We could not believe how amazing this ship was, 5 star luxury hotel in the middle of the sea.

After a day of sailing we arrived at Stavanger.

Stavanger to Alesund. Not the best weather as you can see, but you could see the rain clouds coming in, so I knew when to fly the drone.

Alesund to Olden via the Nordfjord. We sat at this beautiful site for about two hours! There was no need to do anything other than absorb the nature at its best. It was so peaceful, no sounds other than the water hitting the rocks calmly. Not a cloud in site, this was a perfect day.

Olden to Bergen. Rain again here, and torrential I must say. But that did not stop our spirits to go out and explore.

Ice bar

I am so glad that we decided on a cruise rather than another short break. The service we had was outstanding! The ports we visited were amazing! Norway is truly beautiful and would recommend anyone of any age to go there. Photographers, get your diaries out and book a trip as soon as possible.

Hopefully you will all enjoy the pictures, and get booking your cruises soon.

P and O are releasing a new ship Iona which sets sail in 2020, could that be the next adventure…


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