Just a normal day at work as a trainee engineer, online training and exams… Out of the blue I receive a text from a fellow engineer “I can get early bird tickets to the Foo Fighters”… That was it! I had to have the link sent to me. I may have got too excited, I…

Roars at the Principality

What weighs around 5500kg, stands around 12 feet tall and produces 1500 horse power…? Any ideas… ? One more tip, they are capable of reaching 70mph speeds… Ok, ok the answer is Monster trucks!

Road trip

I have always loved the idea of a road trip, ever since I have passed my driving test all I want to do is jump in a car and drive. There are two trips which are on my list to do before I die, route 66 and a Euro trip.

Guinness Pro 12 Final|Dublin!

We did it! We finally got to go to the Guinness Pro 12 final. As soon as the Scarlet’s beat Leinster away that was it. I had to go to the final in Dublin! We soon had confirmation that Munster beat the Ospreys (sneaky laugh 😂) and would join us in the final. Lottie and…