Launch of the Sky Bar at The Grape and Olive

What a great location to place a cocktail bar, the tallest building in Wales: The Tower, Meridan Quay. I was so lucky to be invited to the opening of the Sky bar. However, arriving late was not what I intended. Still in my work clothes I parked the car and ran over to the entrance…

Sleeve update

Did you all read my post about new ink? I decided that I would be extending my current tattoo into a polynesian style sleeve. They look so good!

Guinness Pro 12 Final|Dublin!

We did it! We finally got to go to the Guinness Pro 12 final. As soon as the Scarlet’s beat Leinster away that was it. I had to go to the final in Dublin! We soon had confirmation that Munster beat the Ospreys (sneaky laugh 😂) and would join us in the final. Lottie and…

Finally… New ink! :)

New tattoo I did it! My sleeve has started. My tattoo on my forearm has been bugging me for a while. I still regret having the original done, I should have given more thought into exactly what I wanted. As its a tattoo, once its on its tough!

My running journey

My story started not long after I finished university. After 2 years in college and 3 years in university I was looking for work in IT. A full year of job hunting, no success! Everywhere I tried, all wanted at least a years experience! I even volunteered to work for free for a week just…