Ever had an operation? Im on my second major operation for the same thing! Ever heard of cholesteatoma…? Didn’t think so. It is a rare skin growth disease which effects the inner ear.

Life update

Wow I haven’t posted in a while… Ive kinda drifted away from writing blog posts over the last few months. My focus has been on my job which I started in March. Starting a new job is always tough, especially when you have never done any kind of engineering work in your life. You meet…

My obsession

Anyone who knows me will know that I love to build things. Using my hands to create different things using all sorts of materials. Ive always been interested in the Airfix planes, were you have to build a plane and then paint it afterwards. Meccanno is another things I’ve always been into, they only problem…

Road trip

I have always loved the idea of a road trip, ever since I have passed my driving test all I want to do is jump in a car and drive. There are two trips which are on my list to do before I die, route 66 and a Euro trip.

Speedway GP

Since I have started writing my blog I have attended a few different events. From a Lush Christmas launch to testing a chef special menu at FED. There has been no specific type of event I have aimed for. All the events were fantastic and I was very lucky to be invited to them. This…