Monster Jam 2018

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An adrenaline fun packed day out for all the family. A great place to host it, the capital of Wales, Cardiff.

Cardiff is home to one of the biggest indoor stadiums in the country. It has hosted some big music concerts and of course, is the home of Welsh rugby. The stadium has been lucky enough to host Coldplay! And the line up continues this year with Ed Sheeran and Beyonce coming.

Now, we have Monster Jam! Lets fill up the ground with 300 truck loads of dirt and create some large jumps for these guys to tear it up! 1500 man hours to completely change the stadium ready for these 5500kg beasts.


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Road trip

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I have always loved the idea of a road trip, ever since I have passed my driving test all I want to do is jump in a car and drive. There are two trips which are on my list to do before I die, route 66 and a Euro trip.

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Vera, Bev and Irene…

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I love cars! Anyone who knows me will know that.

I’ve owned three cars so far and the second two have been by far the best. The first was a Peugeot 206 in diesel. I swear it was held together with some gorilla tape and super glue! It was waiting to fall apart! And me as stupid as I was, bought the first car I seen without negotiations. Silly silly mistake! After having a job as a car salesman I have realised how much I got ripped off on the APR!

And here she is, this is Vera! I named all my cars female names, is that just a guy thing…?


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